Recovering Traction Since 1975

Go Treads were designed in 1975 around one word – simple. It stores in small places. It can be put into position in a matter of seconds – no tools, no assembly, no attaching to the tire required. You can even park on top of them for vehicle levellers!

The smooth finish of Go Treads allows the mud and snow to shake off for easy cleaning. Go Treads are made of flexible, high strength, high impact polypropylene copolymer with special additives to give this durable plastic even greater toughness. Yet, with all this strength, it weighs only 2.6 Kilo’s (and it floats).

For convenient storage, GoTreads folds to an overall length of twelve inches. Compared to other traction devices on the market such as Maxtrax and Tred Pro, GoTreads take up little space and can be kept in any handy location such as under the vehicle’s seat.

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Why GoTreads?

GoTreads are proudly made United States. Kansas to be exact. At less than $200 a pair, theys are extremely affordable when compared to the cost of an average tow truck- recovery.

GoTreads are guaranteed for life! In the unlikely event one breaks, we'll replace it for free. We stand behind our product 100%!

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GoTreads Traction Recovery System

Super Easy to Use

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The Go Treads Worked So Effectively It Was Almost A Non Event

Go Treads Could Save You From Sand Traps

- Reviewed In ‘The West Australian’ newspaper


Ray Culley / The West Australian

"I Certainly Won’t Be Hitting The Beach Again Without A Set In The Back Drawer. I Look Back At All Out Trips To The Simpson Desert, Kimberley Region And Other Destinations, And Reflect On How Handy They Would Have Been Then."

"The Go Treads Were An Instant Hit With Our Group And Other Observers Who Stopped To Watch Our Recoveries. I Reckon I Could Have Sold My Set Numerous Times Along The Beach."

Michael & Jo McCulkin / Australian 4WD Academy

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