Get up to $1,000 towards the cost of workplace health and safety items. Full article.

Key information

  • Status: Ongoing
  • Grant amount: Up to $1,000
  • Application opened: 1 October 2018

In a bid to bolster workplace safety and support small businesses in New South Wales (NSW), the government has introduced the $1,000 SafeWork Small Business Rebate program. This initiative aims to provide financial assistance to small businesses, enabling them to invest in crucial safety equipment. One such avenue for obtaining high-quality gear is, a reputable supplier known for its extensive range of top-notch safety products.

I. The NSW $1,000 SafeWork Small Business Rebate

The $1,000 SafeWork Small Business Rebate is a pioneering program designed to help small businesses in NSW enhance workplace safety. Recognizing the importance of creating a secure working environment, the government has allocated funds to subsidize the purchase of safety equipment. This rebate aims to reduce financial barriers and encourage businesses to adopt best practices in safety.

II. Eligibility Criteria and Application Process

To avail of this rebate, small businesses in NSW must meet specific eligibility criteria. This typically includes having fewer than 50 employees and a turnover of less than $10 million per annum. Once eligible, businesses can apply for the rebate through the SafeWork NSW website, providing necessary documentation and details about the intended use of the funds.

III. Maximizing the SafeWork Rebate through

  1. Conduct a Safety Assessment: Before making any purchases, businesses should conduct a comprehensive safety assessment. This will help identify specific equipment needs and ensure that the rebate is utilized effectively.
  2. Select Appropriate Safety Gear: With the guidance of’s experts, businesses can choose the right safety gear tailored to their industry and workplace requirements.
  3. Submit Documentation for Rebate: Once the equipment is purchased, businesses must maintain records and submit necessary documentation to SafeWork NSW to claim the rebate.
  4. Implement Ongoing Safety Measures: The investment in safety equipment should be complemented by ongoing training and safety measures to create a culture of workplace safety.

What your application needs to include:


Proof your business meets the eligibility criteria

  • Some descriptionTo prove you are an eligible business, supply your ABN. 
  • The rebate is only available to businesses and sole traders registered and operating in NSW who employ less than 50 people. Charities and not for profits can also apply. 
  • Before you submit your application, please read the terms and conditions.

Proof you completed an eligible SafeWork NSW education activity

The business owner must complete an eligible SafeWork NSW education activity in the 12 months prior to applying. An eligible education activity includes either a webinar, inspector visit or eligible event.


  • From 1 July 2022 onwards, the business owner must complete the 12-minute SafeWork NSW Small Business Easy to do WHS webinar. You must watch the webinar in full to be eligible. Complete the webinar
  • If you completed an eligible SafeWork NSW webinar prior to 1 July 2022, you can apply. You must have completed the webinar in the last 12 months to be eligible.

Inspector visit

  • If you're a sole trader or a small business owner with up to 50 employees, you can book a workplace advisory visit.
  • At these visits, a local SafeWork NSW inspector will provide practical WHS advice specific to your business and industry, so that you can make your workplace safer. Request an advisory visitlaunch.
  • There may be other reasons a Safework NSW inspector visits your workplace. This could qualify as an eligible education activity. The inspector can provide you with a reference number for your online application.

Eligible event

Eligible events include:

  • field days
  • presentations
  • industry events
  • business forums
  • workshops

Proof you purchased eligible safety item/s

Please submit your application as soon as possible, as some items will soon be removed from the list of eligible items.

To prove you have purchased eligible safety item/s, attach the invoice and proof of payment to your application. Proof of payment must be a bank statement, bank transaction or eftpos receipt showing payment has been made. 

Invoices and receipts must show:

  • the supplier’s name and ABN
  • your business’ name, address and ABN/ACN/BRN number
  • payment date
  • item cost
  • description of the item.

Prior to applying, invoices need to be paid in full and your item/s must be implemented as a safety solution.

Your invoice, receipt, bank statement or bank transaction must show the purchase was made within the last 12 months to be eligible for the rebate. If the total purchase is under $1,000 (ex GST), we'll reimburse you that amount. If the total purchase is over $1,000 (ex GST), we'll reimburse $1,000. Please include all relevant invoices/proof of payment in your application, as you can only submit one rebate application in a 5 year period. 

Eligible safety items

There are a range of eligible safety items you can purchase to improve the health and safety of workers in your business.

See a full list of eligible safety items

There are some items we can't pay for, including:

  • GST, freight and insurance 
  • installation of items
  • personal protective equipment (e.g. standard ear muffs, hats, boots, workwear)
  • tools of trade (e.g. power tools, drills, saws)
  • air purifiers
  • medical equipment (e.g. health monitoring devices)
  • normal business expenses, including maintenance and repairs, salaries and office equipment 
  • raw materials used to make something (e.g. wood, nails, screws)
  • items that may be used for domestic or household purposes
  • licences, memberships, training, testing services, rehabilitation, counselling or vaccination services.

Items must also be existing products, not second-hand or manufactured specifically for your business.

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