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The best way to stop your caravan awning flying away

Written by: John Ford


Learn how to use Guy Rope kits to keep your awning firmly attached to your caravan — where it ought to be!

Awnings are essential equipment on caravans and might also be one of the most troublesome.

They stick out from the side so they can be damaged on tree branches when negotiating tight tracks, and they have a nasty habit of twisting in windy conditions, making them hard to redeploy and lock back in place. Electric awnings are even more subject to damage from high winds.

We can’t help with avoiding damage when driving apart from suggesting you keep a close eye on the van, but these Tiegear Guy Rope kits from A247 Gear might stop your awning from flying away. Of course, if the weather is heading to very strong winds, it's best to pack the awning away.

The best part about the kits is their heavy-duty elastic springs that stretch with gusts of wind to absorb the force and keep the pegs from coming loose. You can wrap the spring around an awning drum or clip it onto the D-bracket. Combine the kit with your choice of screw-in pegs according to the ground.

The 4m guy ropes have a reflective finish so you can see them better at night, and they have their own built-in bag to pack the unused section of rope to keep them looking neat and stop you from tripping over loose rope. The bag has a stainless-steel D-ring to attach to the ground peg. The top end of the guy rope has an aluminium anodised closed carabiner to lock onto the spring. Tightening and releasing the rope is simple. A neat cast aluminium tensioner allows the rope to pass through in one direction to the desired length and lock in place. Release the tension by pulling the release pin.

To pack away, wind the rope around your hand and zip it into its breathable UV-resistant mesh bag, ensuring it's ready for use next time without tangles. The whole kit is then stored in a sturdy acrylic canvas zippered flat pack with room for pegs and extra ropes.


We used the kit on a recent trip to Lake Eucumbene, and it worked perfectly in moderate windy weather. Like we always do, though, we packed the awning away when we left the van unattended for the afternoon on a drive to Jindabyne.

The Caravan Awning Pack has two of each guy ropes and heavy-duty springs, and the kits come in a comprehensive combination of ropes and springs. 

TieGear Caravan pack
TieGear Caravan pack