In all honesty, it doesn’t take much to be able to go and do a desert trip or any 4WD trip for that matter. We take a look at the gear that Sam & Troy travelled with on their last run to Munga-Thirri (Simpson Desert)

A common misconception in the 4WD space is that you need to have everything under the sun before you head away on any 4WD adventure. This is just not the case, and we like to go out and prove it.

We spent a night camped by Ayr creek and thought it would be worth showing you through what we had and how we were set up.

Check out the video we put together of our campsite setup.


This trip was a relatively short trip, 7 days there and back from Brisbane so we were covering a lot of ground most days to ensure we got to spend as much time in Munga-Thirri as possible. This also meant that we kept our campsite basic and quick and easy to set up. We could go from pulling up to set up in about 10-15 min, including getting out all the kitchen gear.

Both Sam and I love the lightweight fast setup options though as you have probably now seen, Sam’s sleep system, while a touch slower, packs down much more compact and is a few Kgs lighter all told.

As for cooking, we kept that simple too, with no fridge (yes, we know, everyone has been amazed that it is possible to survive without a fridge) we focused on meals that would be easy to cook and need almost no prep time. The skottle is an awesome piece of gear for cooking on, similar to a BBQ but because is has a curve to it, you can cook pretty much anything, including soups 🙂

We still carried all the relevant safety gear, but even then, we kept it pretty minimalistic. Maxtrax + a Saber Offroad Kit, a sandflag, first aid gear and a UHF.

Life on the road can be pretty simple if you want it to be.

We put together a detailed list of the gear we carried on the trip but if you would like any further insight, don’t hesitate to reach out and chat with us.

Desert Trip Gear List

Vehicle: 2014 N70 Hilux

Storage and Campsite

Sam’s Sleep System

Troy’s Sleep System