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We at OTR are often lucky enough to review many varied and differentRV and camping products, and the great majority are good products that do the job intended, some new products are even a step beyond and further advance the market place with their innovation. What is very unusual is a product that is dead simple, easy to use and is truly multi purpose. Enter the Go Treads a very simple multi-purpose traction recovery tool and also a first classleveling aid for your camper, caravan or even the boat.


These Go Treads hail from the USA were they have been in production since the early 1990’s and are now available in Australia. The Treads are super easy to use in both roles, as they are foldable thus the height required as a leveling aid can be adjusted as required. They are super tough and strong and rated to 20t yet light weight at only 2.6kg. In their primary role as a recovery tool they excel given the ease of use under nearly all bogged situations. The Go Treads won’t stop you getting bogged but they sure as hell will help you in getting out. In fact the Go Treads work so effectively thatgetting out of a tricky situation is almost a non-event.


Easy to store in the back of your vehicle, lightweight and foldable they free up valuable space that other recovery tools can’t deliver on. Also the potential of theft becomes a far smaller problem given the Go Treads recovery tool can live inside the car. Why called Treads? Well it stands for Tough, Reliable, Efficient, Affordable, Durable, Simple, and in the short time I have had the pleasure to use them I would have to agree 100%.


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Article first appeared in the March-April issue of On the Road Magazine.

On The Road Mar 2018