The Atlas Tool Roll can hold a big selection of tools in a convenient and compact form.

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Working out what tools to carry for emergency maintenance and off-road repairs is one thing; storing them safely and conveniently is another. Socket sets, screwdrivers and Allen keys come in a neat box. But packing a selection of odd-sized metal and plastic boxes presents its own challenges.

You can buy small tool boxes, and stack odd-shaped objects that inevitably rattle and jumble as you bounce down a rough track. But when it’s time to use them you’ve got limited flat space to lay out the tools away from the dirt while you rummage around to find what you’re looking or on the bottom.

If it’s a plastic box it doesn’t stand up to wear and tear; if it’s steel then sharp edges play havoc with interior surfaces if they move or get dragged

around. No matter what size the box is; it never seems to fit into tight spaces because its outward dimensions are fixed.

Leaving your spanners in the manufacturer’s plastic or material roll makes it possible to slidethem into a narrow gap. It’s quick and easy to

unroll and find the right tool. But after regular use the lightweight material begins to tear and fray, leaving you with the same storage problem.

A proper multi-tool roll is not a new idea; manufacturers, especially the Brits, used to provide a reasonable selection of tools in a neat roll-up.

The Atlas Yorktown Tool Roll rebirths this old idea in tough 1000D Cordura. This durable fabric has been used in military applications, commercial

clothing and motorcycle gear due to its resistance to abrasions and rips.

The roll provides a range of options to organise all your tools; no more carrying several boxes to a stranded vehicle. The four pockets and flat sleeve on the front are all deceptively big, easily consuming sockets, screw drivers, pliers, chisels and punches.

Two sections on the back are closed off by heavy Velcro flaps with seven individual sleeves on one side and 11 on the other. Combo and ring spanners fit perfectly.

What’s really helpful is the small footprint when you lay out the roll for easy access to a range of tools; ideal in an off-road situation.

The roll has two heavy carry handles which can double as hanging straps to hold the bag upright.

There’s a quick lift-and-go strap which closes the roll, a heavy centre strap to keep the roll tightly

closed for storage, plus an over-the-shoulder carry strap.

The construction is all heavy duty; the YKK zips, stitching and Cordura material all look and feel commercial grade, providing confidence that the

tool roll will provide many years of reliable usage. Best of all, I eliminated a couple of sharp-edged metal tool boxes, retained the same number of

tools and squeezed them into a location I couldn’t use before to free up space for other items.

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Ray Cully


Click below to read the Original Article from ‘The West Australian Newspaper’