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The Go Treads worked so effectively it was almost a non event

Most experienced four-wheel-drivers understand lowering pressure to extend a tyre’s footprint length distributes weight over a larger contact area and reduces the tendency for the tyre to dig down into a soft surface rather than drive over it.

But it doesn’t mean you’ll never get stuck.

The important point is to recognise when your vehicle is getting bogged. If your vehicle’s height is reducing faster than your forward movement, it’s pretty much a given you’re sinking in.

Pushing harder will see your vehicle grounded as the chassis rails and driveline components come to rest on the sand.

Further reducing tyre pressure and digging to remove the build-up of sand in front of the tyres and create small ramps to drive out on will often work. But what if the sand is so soft that even with low pressures it still digs in?

One of the best pieces of recovery equipment you can have is a traction aid device.

Laying down a high-traction surface on top of soft sand can yield very effective results, but most traction boards are big and cumbersome to carry.

While their shape and length may offer the ability to create a ramp or impromptu bridge to cross a gap, it can be a challenge to store them in smaller SUVs.

Go Treads have a compact, lightweight folding design which can be easily stored in a vehicle’s rear footwell or under the seat, removing the need for a mounting system. Ideal for small to medium SUVs.

Made from high-impact, flexible polypropylene copolymer, the treads only weigh 2.6kg — and they float.

I recently tested Go Treads after succumbing to very soft beach conditions.

Locked in the sand’s vice-like grip, our vehicle had come to rest in a precarious position about 45 degrees to the water’s edge.

With little chance of accessing the harder sand normally exposed at low tide, we needed to regain momentum to reach harder ground.

It was all the more challenging as we needed to climb up a gentle slope.

With tyres down to 10psi and excess sand removed from around the wheels, we positioned the Go Treads under the front edge of the rear tyres.

The curved ridges on the Go Treads’ surface helped centre the unit as the tyres quickly grabbed and drove forward to lift the back of the vehicle upward, freeing it from the sand.

The Go Treads worked so effectively it was almost a non-event.

Once we were on safer ground, we deliberately bogged the vehicle again to ensure the Go Treads’ performance was no fluke. Impressively they yielded the same result with little effort.

Small, lightweight, easy to store and very effective in soft sand, I’ll be keeping a set of these in my vehicle permanently.

Visit gotreads.com.au or a247.com.au for price and availability.

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