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Atlas 46 Canvas Tool Rolls

Atlas 46 make a range of high quality, lifetime guaranteed canvas tool rolls and spanner rolls for a range of applications. The most popular is the Yorktown Tool Roll, which is a perfect solution for any 4WD’er looking for a better solution than stashing loose tools in boxes. We have several sizes of spanner rolls, and larger roll up tool bags that hold screwdrivers, pliers and more. Roll up tool bags, or tool rolls help keep your vehicle organised, reduce your weight, reduce rattles and stash away easily in plenty of places.

For those that carry a lot of tools you can look at getting something bigger like the Mechanics tool roll or The Beast or carrying a selection of different smaller spanner rolls.

A247 keeps most of Atlas 46’s canvas tool rolls and roll up tool bags in stock, meaning that we can provide same day shipping* so you get it fast and efficiently.


FAQ's For Toolrolls & Spanner Rolls

What should I look for in a roll up tool bag?

One that is made to last, the Yorktown Tool Roll is made in the USA and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

What should I keep in my tool roll?

Only the tools you need so you reduce weight in your vehicle.

What's the difference between a spanner roll and a Yorktown tool roll?

A spanner roll only has spots for Spanners where a tool roll will store all your tools as well as spanners.

Will roll up tool bags keep my tools scratch free?

They should keep them in great condition if you look after them and store them well.

Is a tool bag better than a tool box?

As a 4WD accessory, yes. It's lightweight and carries all the gear you need in pockets which are easily accessible.

Where are YorkTown Canvas Tool Rolls made?

They are made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee, so you're buying something that is made to last.

How do you pack a tool roll?

You pack canvas tool rolls according to your tool needs, where you segment tools in each slot for ease of use and access.

How do you store a tool roll?

Either rolled up or flat, but it's essential that you store them in a dust and moisture free location.