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Who is Open Sky Touring (Expedition134)?

Open Sky Touring are an amazing small team of like-minded people with a keen interest in remote 4wd touring, camping and fishing who had an idea that is now an amazing reality.  They developed the Expedition134 Multi-function Box and are about to get into a whole range of other amazing products so stay tuned.

The team at Open Sky Touring are from Far North Queensland where they have got Cape York on their doorstep.  The perfect region in Australia to develop and test these amazing products, it why we’ve added the Expedition 134 to the family of products here at A247.

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Why Expedition134?

Quality driven innovative designs

Designed for people who need a versatile box that is easy to keep clean but can still take a pounding. This box can be used in the saltwater environment all year and never go rusty. You can not only tie it down and still get access inside, but you can also take it anywhere without fear of some someone else getting into it. When not out on trips, it can save space by nesting inside other expedition134 boxes.

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A commitment to lasting durability

Frustrated by Heavy Cumbersome Storage Boxes?

If you have used the big heavy types of boxes, then you might already know they are a great strong product but that they have some disadvantages too.  One of them is their bulk and weight. These types of storage cases are what is called a roto-moulded product. And for those us becoming more aware of the amount of weight we carry in our vehicles, understand that it all counts towards our overall vehicle and trailer weight calculations. And beyond that, they can be a pain to lift up into ute trays and onto roof racks.

Opensky’s precision injected moulded expedition boxes are made to last and last trip after trip. They  back our product with a 30 day money back guarantee – because if you are unhappy so are we! They also provide a 2 year warranty on our expedition boxes for added piece of mind!


“These boxes are really well made, and far more solid than I antisipated.  I’d highly recommend them!”

Mark Batty

“A great Aussie Kit”

“I have two of them already, the video doesn’t do them justice. Such great kit guys, easily take my 130kgs. Tough, great lid, great seals, no lost space due to big ribs and big lips like a space case. A great Aussie Kit.”

Darren Thornton

Jed Curry / Explore WA 4WD Adventures