Amidst all the world-wide chaos, yesterday the review embargo on the new Defender was lifted. Here are our top reviews from the automotive press that traveled earlier in the year to Namibia for an exclusive first drive.

Having owned the previous Defender and using it to travel all over Australia, I personally can’t wait to take the new Defender for a test drive when it arrives here later this year!

2020 Land Rover Defender Expeditionportal

2020 Defender Overland Test Drive

Scott Brady, Expedition Portal

There are few automobiles that capture the attention of multiple generations, inspiring everyone from the Greatest Generation to the wonder-filled eyes of a five year old. The Defender has been that vehicle, and even the most diehard Land Cruiser lover would secretly admit to the charm of a classic Land Rover meandering down a dusty track in Africa. Since 1948, the shape remained essentially unchanged, reflecting a genuine reductiveness of flat aluminum sheets, rivets, and clear glass. The Series Land Rovers and Defenders that followed were not exceptional because of their parts, but in spite of them. It was the simplicity, the minimalism, and the sense of purpose that made them great, and those attributes are as valuable today as they have been since the Land Rover- I still believe in those qualities, and am grateful to have driven Classic Defenders on five continents. Just over a month ago, I traveled to Africa to determine if the newest Land Rover, a project code named L663, is the Defender for the 21st Century.

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2020 Land Rover Defender Caradvice

2020 Land Rover Defender Review

Sam Purcell, Car Advice

Although loved by many, the original Defender was often appreciated from an arm’s length. The design was positively archaic, with parts and design that link it directly to the very first post-war model.

Regardless of how good it was off-road, the original model was an acquired taste on-road. Along with being unsafe for occupants and pedestrians alike, the Defender also ranked low in terms of technology, comfort and refinement.

After a four-year sales hiatus, the Defender is back. And after such a long history of stasis, the 2020 Defender has been comprehensively re-imagined.

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2020 Land Rover Derender 4x4australia

2020 Defender takes on the wilds of Africa

Matt Raudonikis, 4X4 Australia

FORGET everything you’ve come to know about the Land Rover Defender over the past decades. In fact, forget Defender all together and ignore the lettering across the front of this new model. Let’s just call it the new Land Rover.

Why, you ask? Because comparing this new Land Rover to any model that came before it is irrelevant. The L663 Land Rover bares no commonalities to the Defender and Series models of the past, save for a few token style elements that pay homage to the classic models.

What we have here is an all-new Land Rover that applies the brand’s ‘Breadth of Capability’ slogan to a nameplate that was essentially a commercial vehicle. To do this Land Rover had to retain the go-anywhere off-road ability of the model with vastly improved on-road dynamics and manners. While other recent new Land Rovers have laid on the luxury to extend their breadth in that direction, the L663 is all about practicality and everyday usefulness to appeal to more buyers at a more affordable price point.

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